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What we do goes beyond the creation of e-learning. 

From our LMS - WBTServer & custom content development services & tools, to a full range of integration, hosting and implementation services, we offer the support to develop and support employee training programs. 


4system stands for experience. We have been building a solid foundation of knowledge & know-how in e-learning for 20 years now. We follow the best practices in the industry & implement cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions fitting each industry.

Our mission is to create beautifully designed & technologically sound digital workplaces that are accessible to companies of all sizes, locations, and industries, constantly growing and changing to meet our customers' evolving business needs.

A rich set of tools & software enable the achievement of our desired objectives. We are the authors of all IT solutions we offer, WBTServer, WBTExpress, 3D Simulator Maintenance, Role Play Learning 3D. Thus, among others, it is the reason why we are fully independent of subcontractors & external software.

this is the total EUR value of all e-learning projects we successfully realized

users log into one of our 300 IT systems, implemented onsite

top-class experts & technology specialists do their absolutely best to adapt to our client's needs

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7 minutes is how long you wait to hear from our dedicated consultant
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Our clients & partners are of pivotal importance as they articulate their needs & expectations, owing to which we are able to come up with an individual offer, fully tailored to their specific corporate conditions.

Bardzo uważnie słuchamy potrzeb i oczekiwań naszych partnerów i klientów.  Jest to dla nas niezwykle ważne, ponieważ dzięki temu możemy zaproponować dużo skuteczniejsze rozwiązania.



4system Polska
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4system GmbH
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